Solving issues of global business
with our IT services.

We offer the right consultations and
proposals for each customer’s situation.

Qualica originates from an IT department of Komatsu, a leading construction machinery manufacturer, 
and continues to support Komatsu with IT technologies to date.


Starting with the IT support for manufacturing industry, we have developed IT infrastructure services
and also gained experiences through many projects with retail and service industry customers.


Our rich experiences enable us to provide quality IT support to Japanese manufacturing customers overseas.


In today’s world where the importance of global business keeps increasing
our mission is to provide the right solutions to our customers as a trusted partner.


Providing one-stop solutions around the world

Qualica provides services mainly in Southeast Asia.
According to the customers needs, we offer the right solutions from the right location.
Our solutions includes IT consultations and proposals as well as products and services.


Point 01

Abundant experiences and knowledge
cultivated in Japan and overseas

Qualica started as a software development company for Komatsu in 1982, and has developed solutions for the manufacturing, distribution, and service industries.
With the experiences gained at Komatsu’s sites around the world, we have accelerated our overseas expansion in 2000 and we continue to support our customers from our overseas sites.

Point 02

Safe and comfortable services for overseas

Qualica has provided various solutions to Japanese and local customers of manufacturing, retail and service industry.
Especially in unfamiliar overseas environments, our prompt supports and services are appreciated by many customers.
We take pride in providing safe and comfortable one-stop services - from proposals and system installation to after-sales services. 

Point 03

Multilingual support and conversant with local business practices

Qualica is able to respond to customer’s needs swiftly by maximizing the coordination between the Japan base and overseas bases.
We provide multilingual support to ensure stress-free communication for both customer’s headquarters in Japan and their overseas bases.
By utilizing our knowledge of each country’s unique business practices, we provide full support to our customers as a reliable partner.


Qualica’s product lines for overseas market.

Cloud-based Production Management System

Production Management Solution “ATOMS QUBE”
Optimize the core operation of manufacturing and provide strong support for workplace.
*ATOMS QUBE…Advanced TOtal Manufacturing System

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Casting Simulation Software

Package software for casting process simulation “JSCAST”
Create analytical models quickly and easily.

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Cloud-based Manual Creation Tool

Easy to create, manage, and share in-house manuals.
Great tool for education and training.

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Case study

Our customers stories from Thailand

Electric wire trading company

Coordinated production management between Thai factory and Japan base was established
As a result, safety inventory is properly managed and material requirements are optimized


Difficulty in managing thousands of types of materials properly at a newly established factory in Thailand

  • Difficulty in sharing information between the Japan base and the factory in Thailand
  • Difficulty in sharing information with Excel files which led to both shortages and overstocking of materials
  • Difficulty in managing a large amount of materials and inventory manually caused human errors such as incorrect input and calculation


  • Material requirements are properly managed due to automatic threshold alert for inventory
  • Cloud service enables the Japan base and the factory in Thailand to discuss the order plans and double check the required materials together while seeing the same information
  • Business strategies are developed by the boarding members referring to monthly reports of production management status based on the data accounted on ATOMS QUBE

Valve manufacturer

Defect is now predictable based on casting simulation
Improvement plans can be examined from a scientific



Tried to switch from purchasing to in-house manufacturing, but did not have the required knowledge of mold 

  • Each person had different levels of proficiency as they gained skills and knowledge on their own
  • Improvement of quality took a lot of time as it required multiple times of trial and error
  • Learning about casting was not easy as professional advice and supports were not provided in Thai language


  • Metal flows inside casting molds and solidification form are visualized by the support of Thai staff from Qualica Thailand
  • Casting mold defects can now be analyzed from scientific viewpoint, not relying on experience and intuition    
  • Ideas for improvements are experimented actively as simulation saves on loses of trial and error

Manufacturer of construction machinery parts

Immediately sharing the latest standard operation procedures and guidelines for quality and safety internally
Communication among staff members is activated and enhanced


  • Text-based manuals were not easy to understand for everyone
  • Training costs for staff members were high
  • Low repeatability after training


  • Photos and videos are helpful for staff members to understand deeper
  • Manuals can be created anytime anywhere. Training costs are reduced    
  • Internal communication is activated   

Our customers stories from China

Manufacturer of marine equipment
Nabtesco Marine Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Quickly aggregate data from Japan, China, and South Korea
As a results, planning accuracy improves dramatically with preparing decision-making materials 


  • The Japanese side cannot find the progress of parts manufacturing at the three bases in Japan, China, and South Korea
  • Difficulty to formulate a sales plan taking time to consolidate the data from the three bases


  • Link the production data entered into the ATOMS QUBE used in China with the project management system in Japan enable confirmation the production data of each base at the office
  • Consolidating real-time data from 3 bases enable the planning system improvement and the lead time shorten

Our customers stories from Indonesia

Automobile parts factory    

Sharing accurate data in real-time
Achieve traceability using handy equipment for input at the production site


Production management in Excel reached its limit with the expansion of the factory scale

  • Input errors occur in transcription which needs when compiling data for each department
  • Need to visually check the inventory on site because the storage location data for materials and work-in-progress is incorrect
  • Time and effort due to inputting daily reports based on handwritten notes


  • Input accurate data by determining operation rules and utilizing the system
  • Real-time sharing of storage location information for materials and products
  • Achieve traceability using handy equipment for input at the production site

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